CONSUL Travel Service was established in September 2001.

The company was created to organize individual travel, taking into account the interests and possibilities of the customers, and providing a full range of services, including the concept of EXCLUSIVE segments.

The main principles of the company's activity from the moment of its foundation to the present day are the preservation of its originality and continuous self-improvement.

The history of 20 years of development proves that big things start from small.

Over the years, thanks to the close-knit work of management and personnel, the company has been able to gain a strong position in the tourism market in many popular regions.

Today, CONSUL Travel Service has 5 offices in Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul, Fethiye, Bodrum and Cappadocia).

It is possible to reach such achievements and so rapid pace, only by having the ability to find and see the main things and to work ahead of the curve.

In the process of creating of the CONSUL GOLF department, we were guided by the goal of successfully implementing the most daring projects, that are in demand among clients.

While we were designing the golf department, we focused on the needs and skill level of the most sophisticated golfers and beginners. This was a reason for opening Consul Golf’s department. The official opening date is January 2021.

Golf is considered to be an elite sport. In addition, golf can also be classified as an exclusive kind of leisure activity.

Golf is not a widespread sport and it is limited by the number of participants. Nevertheless, such segment of consumers is ready to accept new modern formats of leisure activities, especially nowadays, the demand in this industry significantly exceeds the supply.

This sector has its own full-fledged infrastructure, which implies the creation of comfortable conditions for recreation and business meetings.

We think that established traditions and marketing strategy will contribute to the further growth and development of a new direction.



Mehmet Metin



Gültekin Akaltun

Golf Department Manager (Golf Pro)